The all-new E-Class has officially debuted in Hong Kong – the 10th generation of the E-Class is a landmark in technological advancements with distinct, emotive design, exclusive interior and an impressive number of innovations: Mercedes-Benz is taking a big step into the future with the all-new E-Class.

The all new E-Class Launch was held at the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade on June 24-27, we deeply honored to become the event’s VIP chauffeur service partner for several days to provide attentive service to shuttle VIPs. On the first day of the event, the weather was very hot, but our drivers arrived at the venue very early! Our staffs settled up the temporary curtain outside the venue, and they wearied the Assembly T-shirt ready for providing service to the guests.



Two pretty girl staffs were responsible for registering the guest’s information and keeping the car key.


The VIPs arrived at the venue gradually, our drivers stepped forward to help them parking the car and giving them adequate instructions.



It was sunny on that day, the driver opened the umbrella for caring the guest.


Our staffs were attentive to register VIP’s information.


TPDS drivers keep smiley and provided enthusiastic service to the guests, so that they can be more relax to join the event.


Our staffs still stock to their positions under the hot weather.


Outside the venue, there have a big Benz logo, it will glow at night.


There have many people inside the venue, guests could not wait for getting on the pure white E-class to experience the ultimate manipulation.



The all-new E-Class includes a 24” high-resolution widescreen cockpit and 64-colour ambient lighting. Customise your drive by creating a personal atmosphere.


Focus on their faces, you will know that how they excited!


This photo shows that the stylish of blue E-Class was also very popular!


The beautiful DJ played the disc, the atmosphere was very high!


The model smiled very sweet!


The venue also provided free champagne tasting and food to the guests.


Many people came at the night, the venue was very lively!


After the event, guests were leaving and also retrieved the car keys in our reception.


After a day of work, our staffs should be very tired! But our beautiful staffs still provided the enthusiastic services and keep smiling.



Our drivers drove the car to the VIP ‘s waiting station, so that guests can be more convenience to get on the car.


Our drivers was attentive to open the VIP’s car door and let them go.


After the event, we helped drivers to take a happy group photo!


The event can be completed successfully, it also depends on the effort of the TPDS drivers and our staffs, they continued to provide attentive service and shuttle traffic guidance for the guests on these four days, we cherish every opportunity to cooperate and maintain the best quality of service, we hope that every guest can feel our intentions and enthusiasm.

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