The huge outdoor Music and Art Festival, ever let you hyper exhilarated for three days and nights! The legendary event attracted hundred thousand of people to attend. With presence of the world class local and foreign Artists and Musicians, they brought each attendee with various musical performance from electronic beats, death metal to folk music. In addition to an ever-expanding visual and performing arts programme, attendees will discover a line-up encompassing everything with innovative elements.

「Clockenflap Hong Kong’s Music & Arts Festival」held against Hong Kong’s iconic skyline from 25th to 27th November, 2016. The event congregated Artists and Musicians from all over the world that imposed attendees with the feeling of diversified music and art performances under a tremendous environment. This time, our host had invited world-class Artists and Musicians from different fields that included Sigur Rós(Iceland)、London Grammar(England)、Cheer Chen(Taiwan)、José González(Sweden)、Yo La Tengo(USA)、Ellen Joyce Loo(Hong Kong)、hyukoh(Korea)、SEKAI NO OWARI(Japan)、Gentle Bones(Singapore)、Avneesh(Republic of Mauritius);and Art Groups such as Tobias Gremmler(Germany)、Mister Thoms(Italy)、Aunty Donna(Australia)、KIDMOGRAPH(Argentina)


Clockenflap is a World Class Cultural Event providing endless remarkable and diversified programme to link up every people of Hong Kong. Allowing them a chance to get hold with both Culture and Imagination.

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Let us deliver you all to the stage and feel free to burst Hong Kong!


To every elite Artists and Musicians, Our TPDS Driving Team is now ready to go!

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After retrieving the cars, Driving Team set off its way to deliver the VIP Guests.

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