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Intermediary Service
TPDS chauffeur permanent job recruitment and consultancy services aim as assisting our clients to recruit permanent / contract based professional driver as well as providing the related consultancy service. The consultant in TPDS will base on client's different scenario to shortlist the most suitable driver in our database regarding with a detailed solution propose to our clients.
By adapting such approach, clients shall be released from the time and effort that they shall be needed in selecting the driver themselves. Besides, by utilizing TPDS consultant's well versed extensive experience in the field, clients can find their driver more efficiently and be pre-alerted to all potential problems that can be occurred during the recruitment process when catered with respective solution.
Besides, clients can request TPDS to be the temporary employer of their selected driver for a short period until the driver is being confirmed by clients to be their employee. This special service will help clients in minimizing the process and time when changing the driver during the probation period.
“TPDS chauffeur permanent job recruitment services” Process Intro :
Position Opening
Listen and understand your need
Chauffeur Recruitment Services
In-Depth understanding + Approach formulation
Forming requirements according to specific position Opening
Chauffeur Recruitment Services
BCS system - Generation of Initial Approach List
Locate Suitable Talents
Chauffeur Recruitment Services
Interview Arrangement
Final Shortlisting
Chauffeur Recruitment Services
Duty Commencement
Package Negotiation, Background Check
Chauffeur Recruitment Services
Performance follow-up
Services guarantee period
Driver - Chauffeur
“over 6,600 potential chauffeur profiles”
TPDS equipped with a huge real-time database BCS System in “Evaluated / Qualified” professional drivers that can provide clients a large amount of “Suitable” alternative choices in a short period of time.
“more then 10 years extensive experience recruitment team”
TPDS consultancy team possesses more than 10 years extensive experienced in professional driver recruitment and management solution, we always gets hold with the most recent market information, pre-alerting and advising to the clients with all potential problems in the recruiting process.
“Providing preliminary candidate within 1 day”
TPDS can shortlist and locate the suitable Driver for any clients if they can allow us to recruit under our professional advice.
30 min Driver
“Providing a backup driver within 30 min”
You can’t have a day without driver. TPDS professional driver intermediary service offers client with a “temporary employer” solution. TPDS can be the temporary employer of the driver for a period of time before client fully satisfied on driver's performance and change it back under client formal employment.
“our background check let you relieve your mind”
All TPDS “success case” drivers will have to run through our “background checking” process. In addition, TPDS can provide clients with a pre-employed medical checking on the driver upon clients' request.
“up to 80 days Guarantee Period”
TPDS provides each successful case with up to 30 days cooling-off period plus an 80 days guarantee period. During the cooling-off period, clients will not need to pay TPDS any service fee. Within the guarantee period, clients can request TPDS to replace the driver with unlimited quota and the 80 days guarantee period will be reinitialized and start to commence again.
Trsut Professional Driver Staffing
Our plans, including our client's famous plan.

Economy Plan
80% of Monthly Salary
No Free Trial
30 Days Guarantee
2 Replacement
No reinitialized guarantee period
Traffic Conviction Records
Most Popular
Standard Plan
100% of Monthly Salary
14 Days Free Trial
60 Days Guarantee
Unlimited Replacement
Guarantee re-initialization allowed
Traffic Conviction Records
Reliable Plan
160% of Monthly Salary
14 Days Free Trial
80 Days Guarantee
Unlimited Replacement
Guarantee re-initialization allowed
Traffic Conviction Records
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