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How large is the event, how great is its importance, We can Handle !
{ TPDS driver team always have over 100 professional drivers standby }
All the way from the very beginning, TPDS has been delegated ourselves in Professional Driver Rental Service. Derive from our years of experience as our solid ground stone, TPDS did not ONLY just earn our reputation among the business and private sectors. Once again, our Professionalism is being recognized by various Multinational Famous Brands and being appointed as the sole Driver Service Provider for their chaired numbers of International events.
{ We have well-versed experience in handling International Events }
With proven track records, some of the major events that we had practically involved includes Hong Kong Golf Open; Hong Kong Tennis Open; ART Basel; Asian Racing Conference; Hong Kong Art Festival etc . . .
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{ Our expert project management team can help your events go smoothly }
We have great experience working with large Corporations. Among all those Big International Events, TPDS was not only just providing them the Driver Rental Service. Furthermore, our winning Event Planning Team closely followed and assisted the organizers to smooth out the logistic arrangement. Ride on our understanding to the Hong Kong Traffic situation, our dedication to every Service details and our adherence to uphold the attitude of a professional Driver, this lead us to every success and obtain sincere compliment from our clients.
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As a Staffing Solution Consultant Company, we focus on recruitment and management solution service for executive level with professional drivers. Our service covers : company drivers, private drivers, personal drivers, family drivers, events drivers, drivers mainly serve for driving between Hong Kong and China, team drivers, foreigner drivers and body-guard drivers, etc. Due to the demand from the market, recently our service has extended to provide all-dimensional luxury car rental service and management contract service.

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