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" TPDS flexible hourly services package, you want ? be there ! "
TPDS Driver Rental Service is widely accepted and being welcomed by clients with various needs and unique requirements. From now on, enjoying Professional Driver Service is no longer expansive. As, our service can be charged on hourly base. This allow our clients with unlimited flexibility to patronage First Class Driver Rental Service with Driver in

" Top Professional Standard ".
special occasion
Sometimes, if you need to present in special occasion, being delivered by a professional driver can outstand your prestige excellence.
don't drive after drinking alcohol !
Feel free to enjoy the celebration with your friends, your return trip will not be a worry anymore.
take caring of the family
Sometime wishing in take caring of the family but cannot drive by yourself.
enhance your company's image
Your corporation only requires Driver with seldom chance and will not need it in most of the time.
How we work ?

TPDS possess a huge Professional Driver Team with high quality standard. In addition to our past 10 years' experience successfully in referring over 600 professional drivers to their existing employers via our Specialized Drivers data network, we strongly believe we can at all-time arranging a Professional Driver for our client the ONE that they are looking for !
Urban Plan
HKD100 hourly
Urban Area Pickup
English Communication
Min 6 Hours Services
labor insurance included
Executive Level
Executive driver suite
Suburbs Plan
HKD130 hourly
Whole Territory Pickup
English Communication
Min 6 Hours Services
labor insurance included
Benz S-Class Level
Executive driver suite
Honorable Plan
HKD180 hourly
Whole Territory Pickup
English / Japanese Communication
Min 6 Hours Services
labor insurance included
Rolls-Royce Level
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Trust Professional Driver Staffing
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As a Staffing Solution Consultant Company, we focus on recruitment and management solution service for executive level with professional drivers. Our service covers : company drivers, private drivers, personal drivers, family drivers, events drivers, drivers mainly serve for driving between Hong Kong and China, team drivers, foreigner drivers and body-guard drivers, etc. Due to the demand from the market, recently our service has extended to provide all-dimensional luxury car rental service and management contract service.

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