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TPDS Staffing Services is getting more and more popular in the market nowadays. The improvement and the flexibility has it benefits to the human resources management leading to reduce the operation cost to a great extent.

In view of Hong Kong's recent development focuses on the exhibition industry, the demand for short term / temporary and contract-based driver is rising accordingly. Base on the huge real-time professional driver database and the extensive experience of TPDS's consultancy team, TPDS can provide the clients or any organizations with driver staffing service in a short period of time.

No matter the need of the professional driver is based on long-term staffing or contract base, TPDS can satisfy different clients' requirement efficiently and effectively..
Process Intro :
New Case! Listen to your needs.
Chauffeur Recruitment Services
Agreement entered between TPDS and Client.
Chauffeur Recruitment Services
Recruit suitable Driver.
Chauffeur Recruitment Services
Contract entered between TPDS and Driver.
Chauffeur Recruitment Services
Driver Commence Duty
" Our service advantages "
TPDS staffing professional drivers are employed under contract base with TPDS. They are not self-employed and enjoy the labor insurance / MPF as legally required.
All TPDS staffing professional drivers are mainly selected from different professional source providing driving service. In order to secure the quality of the drivers, we will select the one that is currently working permanently for professional drivers only.
TPDS can assist the customers in arranging professional driver staffing service in just 1 day only (fastest).
As long as the client requests, we can always replace the relevant drivers.
" Who uses staffing services "
We list some of the factors that needs to acquire our staffing service.

+ Mainframe construction projects +
Some of service contract (eg. Mainframe construction projects) may need a short term services driver.

+ Foreign senior staff +
For a foreign senior staff or his family.

+ Unleash your manpower constraints +
Some large companies might have a number of employees requires drivers. This enable you to be more flexible to relocate your human resources.

+ Non-recurring in Hong Kong +
You may not expect the need for a full-time driver.

+ Suspension of driving license +
Do not want to apply for temporary as that needs a lot of administrative work.

Payroll Plan
8% of Monthly Salary
drivers refer from client
no replacement
labor insurance NOT included
MPF NOT included
No backup driver
Semi-Staffing Plan
20% of Monthly Salary
drivers refer from client
no replacement
labor insurance included
MPF included
No backup driver
Staffing Plan
Most Popular
30% of Monthly Salary
drivers refer from TPDS
un-limited replacements
labor insurance included
MPF included
backup driver included
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As a Staffing Solution Consultant Company, we focus on recruitment and management solution service for executive level with professional drivers. Our service covers : company drivers, private drivers, personal drivers, family drivers, events drivers, drivers mainly serve for driving between Hong Kong and China, team drivers, foreigner drivers and body-guard drivers, etc. Due to the demand from the market, recently our service has extended to provide all-dimensional luxury car rental service and management contract service.

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